michael jackson ft 2pac – illuminati don’t care about us ▽ with by 2Pac to Makaveli

12-year old child reveals one of the best kept secrets in the world by skwealthacademy

k-rino – no redemption (video)
by TheHipHopSpot

the lost children of babylon lcob – beware the zeitgeist prod by snowgo by Snowgoons

wise intelligent “illuminati” video by WiseIntelligent

vinny paz end of days
by Movera2k

lowkey – obama nation (official video) – banned from tv by GlobalFaction

revolution(wake up) – payday monsanto f/ampkilla by brand1

best illuminati hiphop rap song (k-rino – grand deception) by KONGLOMERAT

k-rino – blood doctrine (official video) by MikeyFlawless

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