Zemira Israel & Shimshon The Gadite – Legendary People (Live) by Zemira Israel Music


“Legendary People” ALBUM HERE: www.zemiraisrael.com

Thank you, Shimshon The Gadite ( www.aberrationzprojects.com ) for accompanying me that night! You’re amazing. Thank God for your gifts ?

Thanks again Mrs. Arsena Schroeder, owner of www.dearsoulmusic.co/ for having me at your Austin, Tx unplugged & live venue! Much appreciated! And to those who attended this event with me or watched my Facebook Live Feed, THANK YOU! Thanks to The Vortex restaurant for the beautiful venue! Thanks to the great performanes by the gifted artists that night!

Thanks to my lord Bezaleel Israel ( www.BezaleelIsrael.com ), Brother Navi Israel ( www.instagram.com ) & Brother Banquanayah Israel for coming through and holding down the filming that night!!! You all did amazingly! ???

Peace & Blessings to you all.

The song I sang and wrote is named “Legendary People”, from my debut Album, “Legendary People”.
Own it here: www.zemiraisrael.com

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Israelite women, please visit www.thedaughtersofsarah.com
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