Yahemeka777 Feat Biafrans Got Talent Biafra Freedom Mix Part 1 by Yahemeka 777


This mix is made in honour of the Creator and the Ndi’Igbo people of Biafra and their fight for independence. My gratitude goes out to all the talented Biafran artists and their amazing creative works, whom have inspired me to share their story. Udoo! Let’s Go Home!

01 Biafrans Got Talent – Intro: A Prayer For Biafra (By Yahemeka777)
02 Biafrans Got Talent – Biafra Fallen Heroes
03 Biafran Voice – We Need Freedom
04 Don Prince – I Am A Biafran
05 Eazy Prince Feat. Mr PRO – R.I.P Lost Biafrans (Remix)
06 Mc Russ & Kala Kala – Free Biafra
07 Kanyi Na – Biafra Freedom Song
08 Don Prince Feat. True Luv & Victor – Biafra Anatago
09 Skippo – Biafra
10 New World – Biafra We Stand
11 Item Seven – I’m A Freedom Fighter, I’m Not A Militant
12 Biafrans Got Talent – Am Not A Terrorist
13 Biafrans Got Talent – UN
14 Ghettoman – Freedom
15 Xzel Freeman Feat. Floritch Gatbsy – Freedom (Biafra Our Home)
16 Ghettoman – Tribute To Ojukwu
17 Mr PRO – Back To Biafra
18 Mercy Man, Lanky Black & Zoneking – Biafra We Stand Firm
19 Biafrans Got Talent – Biafra: See You Again



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