United States of Africa : Beyond Hip-hop – Official Trailer by USofAfricaTheMovie


Trailer of the feature documentary “UNITED STATES OF AFRICA: Beyond Hip-hop”. Directed by Yanick Létourneau. Produced by Peripheria Productions in coproduction with The National Film Board of Canada – Released early 2012. Currently travelling film festivals world wide (Canada, United States, France, China, Austria, Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Cameroon, South Africa, DR Congo, and more to come!). www.nfb.ca/unitedstatesofafrica to find out more about the film and the team.


The UNITED STATES OF AFRICA documentary follows African hip hop pioneer Didier Awadi as he crafts an album that shines a light on black revolutionary leaders—from Kwame Nkrumah to Thomas Sankara, from Malcolm X to Cheikh Antah Diop—who fought for the dignity of the African people, and for an independent and united Africa.

His journey takes him to some 40 countries, where Awadi meets hip hop artists Smokey (Burkina Faso), M-1 from Dead Prez (United States) and Zuluboy (South Africa). His travels spark deeper reflection on the power of music and the potential for real political transformation on the continent.

Featuring a score by Ghislain Poirier, as well as Awadi’s own songs, United States of Africa takes the viewer into the heart of Africa, painting a hopefull and compelling portrait of a continent whose politically aware youth is standing up against neocolonialism to take control of their continent and their destiny.

Theatrical release in Canada: March 2012 in Quebec July 27th 2012 in Ontario. Available shortly on iTunes in the United States.


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