Tech N9ne ft RedCloud -“PTSD” #NODAPL by Lightning Cloud


Tech N9ne ft RedCloud -“PTSD” #NODAPL

Mc Redcloud Lyrics

Indigenous is all i know.
Protect the land of all evil.
But still they send the enemies-
To break the Treaties that we hold.

Im camping out in Cannonball
in Tipis, call us Radicals.
Then ride into the Pipeline protest
on a herd of Buffalo!

Tired of the lies my people feeling stressed
its post Traumatic.
Boarding schools, its rape and murder.
Torture chambers in the attic.

So I’m writing down these bars
from a one man tent.
Trying to protect waters
from a corrupt Government.

Big Oil owns the media
but don’t own Tech.
Distract you with this fake election
cause ya don’t know shit.

North Dakota frontline
Red Warrior Camp
We are all Warrior Built
and now were taking a stand!

Today they sent attack dogs,
come on cracker…yeah, hurt me!
Pepperspray me in my
Colin Kaepernick jersey.

So im yelling “Water is Life”
and begging God for his mercy.
listen to me now,
believe me when your family is thirsty.


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