Supaman “Too Far” HD feat. emcee one aka Marcus Anthony Guinn by emcee one


Supaman & emcee one embark on an introspective, & sarcastic review of the statistical things that plauge personally, them and much of the people they represent, and serve. Beyond the humor, and sarcasm is a positive message that rings through! To many of the Native, First Nations & indigenous communities, “we’ve came too far, to go back now”. This message is to remind us of how far we have came, what is possible today, and imply the prices those paid to get us here. “We’ve came too far…” to repay the sacrifices of those that came before us with the statistics many of us too often deal with. We can move forward as individuals, & as a people, away from the negative forces that can haunt us from our past. We are free to create new statistics!


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