Supaman – Eclipse by Supaman


Sometimes when I’m producing a beat, the vibe will motivate and push me to write to it then and there which was the case with this particular beat. Expressing the times we live in at the moment from my point of view. Peace and Blessings to all! Stay Resilient.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to history/
prayers up, to the one God, the Great Mystery/
I wrote this in a rainstorm, until the thunder came/
for all my people to stay strong, in the hunger games/
and use my sensory, to open irises/
with 2020 vision, corona virus, this/
is the world we living in, but we ain’t giving in/
got to break free from society’s conditioning/
some of us panic, and some of us stay cool/
some promote truth yo, and some promote Fakenews/
we got stay tuned to the bad schemes/
they got a patent on the virus and the vaccines/
yo, it’s like a bad dream, I hope you kids get this/
all of your sicknesses are big business/
call it conspiracy, or call it common sense/
whether you believe in prophecy or your on the fence/
behold the pale horse, now you’re vaccinated/
you can trust the government yeah, just ask a native/
has God forsaken our souls, my occupation is stop the hating/
it’s population control/yo, I do my art and play my part until I fade away/
the revolution starts in your heart, and today’s the day/
I think it’s safe to say, we living in revelations/
the United States of America’s a reservation/
I pray to the four directions, and I start in the east/
we in the era of the mark of the beast/
radio frequency I.D chips, I see the bright eclipse/
radio frequency I.D chips, I see the bright eclipse/


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