Sampa The Great – HERoes (The Call) by Sampa The Great


Its been proved time and time again that a hero was always reluctant of their gift within.
The only difference with myself as an artist now and my audience is I’ve tapped into my strength.

In a year I went from audience to artist.
Solely because of embracing what makes me…. me.
HERoes is about finding the hero within.
The true gift and talents of oneself and nurturing the hero that is already there.

Wear your cape.

Director of Photography: Priit Siimon
Performed by Sampa Tembo
Creative Direction: Sydney Romantics
First Assistant Director: Claudia Sutiono
Cape designed by Sydney Romantics with artwork produced by Otis Carey
Wardrobe provided by Serpent and The Swan
Produced by Miracle


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