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Song taken from the new EP “Inappropriate Behaviour”

Inappropriate Behaviour is a project that was initiated by Rootwords who wished to give Hip Hop fans exclusive songs inspired by different trends such as the classic boom bap, trap, and modern rap. In the purest spirit of Hip Hop, he hit up several beatmakers who each have their own unique sound and universe, along with some special artists to lay their vocals on his new songs.
Consequently, Inappropriate Behaviour turned out to be a project of international proportions with collaborations from no less than four continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe).
One song of this new EP will be released every 25th of the month, starting from January 2016. It will be available for free download along with a video shared on various social media platforms.

“Life on earth sometimes feels like a long drawn out process leading to the grave. We wake up, eat, work, eat, work, play, eat, sleep – and then do it all again. At every stage, it often feels like it is never enough. We question ourselves and the purpose of our lives, we look to the sky, and look all around us without ever finding a satisfactory answer. If I was living life for myself, I don’t think it would be this hard. But since no man is an island, and we as the human race depend on one another – we all have to contribute to society. But then again, how much does society contribute to me? It is a never-ending cycle.
As an artist, I am particularly sensitive to the negative effects the system has on my creativity. I decided to work with ChaCha on this song because she herself is a sensitive woman, in tune with the electromagnetic waves of this world of ours. She expresses the same wonder, grief and awe I felt when hearing this instrumental by Cello Prod inspired by a sample from Bonobo, who (incidentally) appreciates the song.”

Audio credits
Your Kingdom feat. ChaCha
(C.Yehaiyahan, J.M.Nkowane, S.Mulcare, M.Pizzera, S.Green)
℗ 2016 Kinyama Publishing, Just Isn’t Music, Kobalt Music Group
© 2016 Kinyama Records, Ninja Tune

Contains a sample of “Transits” performed by Bonobo feat. Szjerdene and written by Simon Green and Szjerdene Mulcare.
Used with permission.

Beat by Celloprod :

Video credits
Video directed and edited by Joe Cook

© 2016 Kinyama Sounds


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