Rootwords – A Matter of Time by RootwordsMusic


First single taken from the upcoming album WARNING SIGNS

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Video credits
Directed by Benjamin Archier
With Kimberley Rialt
Special thanks to Emma, Manon, Alban, Laura

Audio credits
A Matter of Time
(S.Breynaert, N.Duboux, Y.Jaquemet, J.M.Nkowane, B.Riggi)
Published by Kinyama Publishing, Ride On Time Music, MyMusicRights
© 2017 Kinyama Records

With the support from The Block Productions

Additional images : Shutterstock, EnvatoMarket

[Verse I]
Yea !
I got you rooting for me
Rootwords for president
I got you shooting for me
I’ll pull a Kanye on my fans
And ask Mark Zuckerberg to help me stack up on my bands
I need my 53 mil’ to get me back in the matrix cause I done popped a blue pill
I need my
Grammy for real
I’m gone call up Taylor Swift and tell that mammy to chill
I’m funding my Blue Steel
I’m gunning for you still
I’m running I’m too ill
Got a hundred and two deals …
That’s why my pockets are slim
You make it hard for me to win
You support fake Jesus’ on the internet
Promoting wiggerdom
And dumb ni**ers who stay illiterate
So I get pushed to the back of the bus
Cause I ain’t doing this for likes
You’re like
“We can’t get him a deal with Nike ’cause he’s too dark”
“Listen to the conversations that he spark !”

Riding softly on my own way …
I lay my heart
On display …
Wonder if they hear what I say …
But I’ll make it, anyway …
It’s just a matter of time

[Verse II]
Who wan’ test ?
I am a band apart
I’m like Quentin Tarantino’s art
A script you never thought of before
That’s why I roam free like Django
You get caught at the door
I came to settle the score
I don’t get blinded by the light when I’m walking your corridor
I keep minding my own life
You keep talking just to ignore
The fact that you insecure
Weak and unsure
Get a grip !
I try to stay pure
Handle my biz
Be an example to the kids
Holding it down till they bury me underground
But wait !
No need to hurry it’s a blessing to be around


[Verse III]
And the haters say;
“Who that who that ?
You had a chance and you blew that !
I thought you knew that
You couldn’t get through that
Without playing the game
Or folding to the obstacles they laid out in your lane
Such a shame !
All that talent wasted
A visionary who misplaced it !
Blinded by the limelight and hint of success that you tasted …
Now that it’s almost over
I wonder if you’ll jump ship like refugees in Dover
Where you gonna run to ?
Where you gonna run to ?!
When you run out of love and ain’t nobody want you ?
Once hot now cold
You popped you flopped
You’re old
Your jewels corrode
Your fancy stones erode …”
It’s a moment of clarity when it hits
I don’t like to call it insanity but it fits
Perfect in my picture frame
And if I live twice I’ll do it again !



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