Rejected by My Family ~ GOCCFlorida featuring Elder Rawchaa {#HebrewMusic} by Judah's Back


The clip was taken from our GOCC Radio Blogtalk broadcast and can be found here:
We also have a lesson titled ‘THE ”THEY LIVE” EFFECT’ which goes into some of the ordeals someone coming into the understanding of the truth would face with family and friends. You can find the lesson here: We praise our Father Ahayah and are thankful that you decided to join us today. We are a growing ministry reaching thousands of people in communities around the globe and work hard to keep you well equipped with biblical knowledge as it relates to salvation and global affairs. If you find this video presentation enlightening, please like and subscribe to support our efforts to spread the truth and keep current with future uploads. With every new video, we’ve been blessed by our Father to bring further understanding of the scriptures, with which you can share and teach others. So come learn and grow with us as we grow in grace to become empowered towards righteous living.


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