RAS TEWELDE – ONE WAY TICKET (official videoclip 2011) by Bizzarri Records


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RAS TEWELDE – ONE WAY TICKET (official videoclip 2011)
directed by Mirko Virgili
produced by the Magista for Bizzarri Records

Mi waan a One-Way ticket to Addis Ababa – a One-Way ticket to Mount Zion
A One-Way ticket to Ethiopia – wanna go back home

Rasta wi a Rasta – Listen politician
Mi not an american, mi not jamaican
Mi nah come from Europe, mi not from Asia
No matta wha dem seh mi still an ethiopian
Babylon papers have no sense in Zion
Rasta have no boundaries, nah have no nation
Yu chat ’bout mi passport? mi tell yu hold on
Mi nah afraid fi snatch it an tell yu

So let mi tell yu now, mi nah need no Visa fi go forward home
Lalibela a di place where i belong – And mi know,
An heavy load mi carry on – from da day I&I escape from Babylon
So let mi tell yu know – Jah show mi da way fi trod
An give 500 ecars inna Shashamane town
So yu betta know – From 1948 to now
Da one ya a di place where rastaman reborn
‘Beca wi know Zion a di place where sing an shine
But once wi are in Mamaland wi cyaan be blind
An even if Ethiopia call wi from a long time, still so many tings wi haffi do deh
Education is a must – is da key to survive
So mi come fi teach di youth – mi nah come fi tell dem lies
Ethiopia is da Hola land promised to I&I – Rasta come fi build yur house deh


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