OSHUN – Protect Your Self ft. Proda (Official Video) by OSHUN


Music video by OSHUN © 2015.
Featuring Proda (@praiseproda)

Directed, shot, and edited by Jonah Best (@jonahbest)

Choreography by Nyla “Epik” Murray (@nyladina)

Art Direction by Prisca Choe (@priscachoe)

Wardrobe by Zunyda (@byzunyda)

Jewelry by Artist Ameshia (@artistameshia)

“Protect Your Self (feat. Proda)” is available for streaming at
soundcloud.com… or for free download at piff.me/1f2abba.

OSHUN released their debut album ‘ASASE YAA’ this past spring via Complex.

More videos and new music coming soon.

additional credits:

“Protect Your Self feat. Proda”
Arranged by OSHUN
Produced by Eric David
Written by OSHUN, Proda, and Russell Tarraine
Recorded & Engineered by Eric David at The Dojo
Additional Recording by Proda at Star Catcher Studio

www.oshunnyc.com (@oshunnyc).
Management: Shani Fuller. For inquiries, please contact shani@oshunnyc.com



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