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Music video by New Kingston performing MYSTERY BABYLON.. (C) 2015 Easy Star Records
Directed by Damian Manica

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Mystery Babylon – lyrics

I say watch yourself
Mystery babylon ah work (oh well)
Them show we bling and come in
With a whole heap a ting
Weh mek life worse
I say watch yourself
Mystery babylon ah work (oh lord)
Don’t mek them trick you
With them pretty car and ting
My youth change your course

Verse 1:
Mystery babylon them loose
Mashing up the system
With their hidden abuse
Them trick we and lie to we
Ah take man fi fools
Ah give the youths hard drugs
Fi them fi misuse
Say we can’t make it inna life
With half ah we tools
Them treat we like slaves
And ah take man fi mules
Teach the youths the way
And get the best out ah school
Babylon them set the things
And break them own rule well well


Verse 2: Maad T-Ray
Eh yah
Say babylon ah come
In all shapes and sizes
Coulda be out inna street
Or where you residing
Infiltrate your family
To get y’all fighting
But chant the words of jah
And there will be no sighting
See them ah run
Back weh satan
We nah let ya come and trouble no one
Recite from the book
Look how him shook
He’ll cast out the line but don’t bite on the hook
Dirty vial heathen
More worthless than a cretin
Hold to your faith
And he will always be beaten

E.N Young
Stiff necked fools
Try to deny me
And people in power try to fight
With their war you see
New Kingston E.N Young
We have just begun
To spread our message and our culture in a song
We will fight them down
Yes we will
With this righteous sound
And teach the youth them to unify
To live and love yourself no lie


Verse 3:
Alright then
Well everything
Is not at all what it seems
Them have a lot of support
Them have a large team
Mystery babylon deh everyweh
All inna yuh dreams
Them ah sell you house and car
And them ah mek the food you eat
Politricks ah weh them play
Fi mek the poor man bleed
Gi’ you everything that’s wrong
Tell you that ah weh you need
Better read through the lines
And watch what you sign
Take a look over yuh shoulder
Take heed of the time

Dem ah inform the youths
About material things
Telling you it’s right
When they know it’s wrong
Behind their mask
With a specific task
Trying to hold the people back
Like days of our past



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