Nahko and Medicine for the People – Tus Pies (Your Feet) by NahkoVEVO


We humbly dedicate this song to those strong allies in our lives that have been anchors, beacons, and pillars through the ups and downs of life. To all our relations that have lost custody of keiki, to those who have grown up without real family, to those that have suffered and discovered a different kind of family, to those who come from those places and yet still live strong and walk in gratitude to reverse the negativity of that way, and for those that show up for us in our times of need and in our times of joy…we offer this portrait to you. It is no small thing to love and be loved in return.
To Pablo Neruda: I extend my eternal thanks. Without your poetry, Tus Pies would not have lived. Without your beacon, I would not have found my way or been able to show up for my loved ones.
And to the muse and dear ally who inspired my pen to paper and words to action, may you live strong and continue to hear your hearts prayer. With these tools on our side, we are awakening the true power within us as we cross mountains and valleys to reach our soul’s resting place. EO.


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