Official video for Marcel Cartier – Yes We Did (Obama’s Theme)
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Verse One

Obama’s a baby killer, a child murderer
send him to the Hague right now, that’s so urgent bruh
lock him up with Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice
Colin Powell, Tony Blair all earned they stripes
but back to Barry O, the symbol of hope
the symbol of progress, 2008’s dope
the one people thought was really anti-war
but in truth he just had a whole lot in store
can you imagine George Bush in Libya?
much easier with an African invadin’ ya
funding proxy armies in Syria
including ISIS, hush — see they ain’t listen to ya
they was only supposed to stay across the border
just like Libyan al-Qaeda, but you brought ’em
all the way down to Mali couldn’t constrain ’em
you create these monsters and you can’t contain ’em

We tortured some folks
Yes We Can, I mean yes we did, i mean yes we did
We murdered some kids
Yes We Can, I mean yes we did, i mean yes we did
We droned some weddings
Yes We Can, I mean yes we did, I mean yes we did
We breaking the law
Yes We Can, I mean yes we did, I mean yes we did

Verse Two
We tortured some folks, I’m non-chalant ’bout it
I’m the head of the empire, so don’t you doubt it
I can shrug off easily my war crimes
it means nothing when you call to “Free Palestine”
I’m Netanyahu’s primary supplier
I’m the boss who put the Ukraine on fire
don’t forget about my love for remote controls
my legacy will forever be my use of drones
the most cowardly way to possibly kill
you can protest all you want and I’ll do it still
fuck those kids out in Pakistan, they mean nothing
it’s collateral damage, I’m not bluffin’
my war on terror is a war of much more terror
then I’ll victim blame, never lookin’ in the mirror
from community activist to hit man
I do it all for democracy, you understand?


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