Malkah Norwood — לכה דודי | Official Music Video by Malkah Norwood


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Closed Caption (Transliteration):
Le’cha Dodi, Li’krat Kala
(yada dei, yada dei, yada dei)
Shel Shabbat, N’Kabbalah

Le’cha Dodi, Li’krat Kala
P’nei Shabbat, N’Kabbalah

Translation (English):
Come, my Beloved, to greet the bride
The Shabbat presence, Let’s welcome

Come, my Beloved, to greet the bride
The Shabbat presence, Let us welcome

Video Chapters:
00:00 Opening Title
00:11 Somewhere in Egypt
00:18 Lecha Dodi
01:37 Palm Trees Scene
02:14 Rooftop Performance
02:36 Shabbat Table Scene
02:56 Closing Scene

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Indie music artist, Ashira Malkah Norwood, is the founder of Set-Apart Music and Meditation, SAMM: A dedicated music genre created for sacred listening and spiritual rumination through Hebraic living and thinking.

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Performed by Malkah Norwood
Set-Apart Music and Meditation
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