Lakuta – Rice & Peace by Tru Thoughts Records


Lakuta – Rice & Peace

The socially conscious “Rice & Peace” blends a polyrhythmic furore of shakers with the funky 4-note riff of the electric guitar to create a hypnotic cycle, similar to the high energy of Congolese Soukous music.

The “Rice & Peace EP”, out 9th December, is the latest instalment of high-quality electronic, hip hop and Afrobeat rhythms from the talented Lakuta to be released on Tru Thoughts. This 8-track EP highlights the cleverly named “Rice & Peace” from their debut album ‘Brothers & Sisters’ alongside a collection of new remixes from Dorylus, Dizraeli, V.B.Kühl, Captain Over and J-Felix.

Video Director: Luke de la Nougerede

Jewellery Designer: John Moore

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