Gemineye – Ambushed by TheAntiNWOMusic


Conspirituality is a revolutionary, spiritually conscious and politically charged hip-hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia. The group consists of three members, Gemineye and Zaddik Melchizedek ( Sons of Zadok ) with Big-Brother accompanying them on beats and percussion, providing the soundtrack to Gemineye & Zaddik’s lyrical motion pictures.

Gemineye concentrates mainly on revealing the ugly faces of the powers that be. Even the staunchest non — believers have witnessed Gemineye uses calculated intelligence to turn so called conspiracy theories in to stone cold facts before their vary eyes. These conspiracy facts include such white-hot topics as 9/11 Truth, Bohemian Grove, The Illuminati and the Princess Diana Assassination.

Meanwhile Zaddik Melchizedek takes focus and sheds light on ancient world traditions, cultures, mythologies and beliefs. Unlocking secrets buried deep beneath the sands of time and displaying them in the bright sun of today for this generation’s hip hop community.


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