Father Culture – System hold the poor man down by jambilamusic


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Dose of roots reality from rising Reggae singjay star Father Culture.
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Sodom, the system hold the poor man down
Yeh man a Father Culture come from a poor family you know
Life hard everywhere you go you hear the people dem a bawl
From Grants Penn, Cassava, Whitehall (areas in Kingston)
Can’t buy sugar people can’t buy salt
Me say two green bottle deh pon de wall
One name Peter me say one name Paul
Congo burn up the one name Peter, me burn up the one Paul
Babylon system you know see say dem a fraud
Dem a fraud
The system hold the poor man down
It never lift them up
The system hold the poor man down
No it never lift them up
Hear me high ‘Arter’
Grandmother dead yes a me say as a pauper
Say me grandfather die me say yes as a pauper
Mother still deh yah she a work so hard
And the whole of dem slave for de one backra master
Same so dey want do de son and the daughter
We nah go be not a lamb to dem slaughter
Can’t give Congo basket to carry water
So me say run Bolt run
Run from poverty
If you no help yourself nobody nah come help you
Run Bolt run, run from poverty
If you no help yourself nobody nah come help you
Long time we down here me say
Stressed out and hungry
And nuff a dem me say yes dem never see we
Now that we step up them a run come hug we
And a tell we that them love we
1st verse repeat
3rd verse repeat


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