Droop Lion – FREEWAY by DroopLion



In this time you know, its not easy getting around. For Droop Lion representing to the fullness in
this time y’all.
Verse 1
When the barrel cracks and the smoke smell
Mama sing a prayer for me
She put her arms around me and say this place gonna set us free
Early morning Black Maria come and take my black brothers on a jail ride
But if they taking us all to hell center
Don’t you know some of us won’t reach alive
I’m taking the freeway
The freeway way, right away
The freeway, o my brothers and sisters
They will be seeing me trodding up the King’s highway (repeat)
Verse 2
See the smoke rise above Earth surface
While the mountains come to the sea
Building blocks is burning, is burning,
On the news someone crying help
Thunder roll and lightning strikes
See the sun comes with all its might
Plantation field, it is burning
Setting the way for us to be free
Chorus (repeat)
Verse 3
Wheel is tough but me got to turn it
O father God, o help me on this journey
Walk through the fire and the flames don’t burn me
Walk through the tornado and the wind don’t turn me
Live ‘mongst eden, them can’t hurt me
Run with the swiftest, none of them don’t splurt me
I never do no wrong fi Babylon come girth me
I know my God … salvation
Chorus (repeat)

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FREEWAY is a song inspired by the killing of over 70 persons in Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston, Jamaica in May 2010. A globally publicized dispute between Jamaican law enforcement personnel and citizens of Tivoli resuted in a gun battle that also saw many residents fleeing to other communities such as Tower Hill where Droop resides. In FREEWAY Droop expresses his desire to take the freeway and avoid crime and violence, and encourages other youngsters to do the same.



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