Official Video for DISL Automatic, SinTheSis & ASpirit – System Reboot (Prod. by VeCITY) Scroll down to read the lyrics.

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This is a System Reboot! Control Alt Delete
We are taking back the planet from the hands of the elite
We cut through the propaganda, we unveil the deceit
We debunk false information, we expose dirty schemes
We attack like antivirus to eradicate the greed
Never waiver from our mission to awaken all our people
We multiply by millions yelling out what we believe in
Truth, Knowledge, Liberty. Equality and Freedom!

Something is missin’ inside the system that we live in
How we’re programmed to believe that our life’s only mission is
go to school, get a job, raise some kids, buy a house
fancy cars, shop at malls, put it all on credit cards
They promote consumerism with their ads on television
tellin’ us what we should buy and how it is we should be livin’
All the things we should be gettin’ to be a good citizen
it seems the only thing we need to do is pay their dividends
And they’ll say we’re maladjusted ’cause we don’t fit in their structure
But their structure’s only function is to hold us under
Keep the truth undercover, make you want more than another
When they breed materialism they pin us against our brothers
The basis of their system is to keep the people locked
inside a cycle of addiction tryin’ to make it to the top
of the pyramid constructed by the global elite
It’s time we reboot the system
Control Alt Delete!

This system is corrupted shutting it down is our cause
Imploring with the public to pull the plug from the power source
But us fools are stuck to the coward’s course
caught in a storm of cloudy thoughts bound to conform
and cower to lousy laws It’s how we’re taught
spending credit yet we can’t afford to house the poor
with astounding amounts found in accounts for war
And if you’re on my level I’m sure you’ve found the flaws/floors
Or saw the towers fall when N.W.O. was proudly born
But if bowing down is now the norm
then I suggest we question the agenda’s of all authorities now in force
If corporations fought for nature like a flower’s thorns
Instead of domination and profit conquering nations with bombings
Sponsoring hate is an honest way to escape from the knowledge that
slavery is upon us but the power’s yours!
We need you to listen, don’t sleep through the vision
As the beat booms, we speak truth
to reboot the system!

We are trapped inside a system
that relies on the division
of the masses so they caste us into classes that we live in
we judge each other based on social status’ we’re given
no one cares about character, all that matters is your income
corporatism is designed to blind the human vision
so consumerism has become the people’s new religion
t.v. programming ’em so they can’t see through the fiction
when you try to speak the truth they view it as a superstition
patriarchy’s dominated us from the beginnin’
of society, it’s time that we empower our women
united we’re winning hit ’em with knowledge that we’re spittin’
I ain’t quittin’, if I die I’ll be a martyr not a victim
companies profit by locking people up in prison
our government is under the elitist supervision
we speak truth so listen
to this deep rooted wisdom
we will fight for our freedom ’til we reboot the system!



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