Ms. Savyy – Ututu oma, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (prod. Lewo) | Songs about Biafra by Ms. Savyy


This is a tribute to a wonderful and fearless leader of Biafra and IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This song will be available on all musical platforns in the nearest future. Follow me on social media to get notified 🙂

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1. Beat/Instrumental by Lewo Beats:
3. Big thank you to my husband who helped me with filming, editing and everything else !

He be fearless like a lion, he is bringing back the Zion
I say Shalom! Salute to freedom
My muscles getting stronger, let us beat ’em
These mumus charged him with a treason,
What was the reason? Opposing the evil.
He is standing still in a garden of Eden
They took the guns, now fly like eagle.
Even Zoo army is having diarrhea
Shitting their pants with a lack of ideas
Mazi Kanu see ya, say hello to Jesus
Spitting the truth, he’s a tactical genious.
We need revolution
Enemies call him mad man, we call him solution
You know that we need him, the word needs to see him
No matter if you’re African (or) European.

Ututu oma Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Anyi na si gi dalu
Anyi na si gi dalu
Anyi na si gi dalu

Spitting the truth like a fire
No space for nonsense, the facts can’t be biased
His courage is like a choir:
army of people singing, feeling inspired
Noone can stop this eruption of anger
He doesn’t bend to political corectness
He is the fresh air, we need refresher
He knows which buttons to press for a pressure!

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