Believe in Yourself by Khari (Bullying Prevention, Autism Awareness Song) by Khari Toure


Believe in Yourself (Lyrics)

I know a boy who’s been bullied at school
He’s been punched during lunch and ridiculed
When he sits in class
He gets hit and harassed
When asked how he feels
He says like an outcast

He goes to school to learn how to read and write
He doesn’t want to get bullied, or to bleed and fight
He doesn’t want to bring a backpack with a weapon or knife
He needs to learn how to read to succeed in life

He gets depressed
Doesn’t like recess
His parents notice that he’s stressed
Because he’s starting to eat less

So if you see someone get bullied
You should tell an adult
No child should ever feel like their under assault

To the boy being bullied
Hold your head up high
Whoever said you were weak
They told you a lie

If you see someone get bullied
You should have their back
Don’t standby and laugh
While their being attacked

Always believe in yourself
I can do anything
Always believe in yourself
No matter how hard it seems

I know a girl whose been bullied and hit on the bus
Mean girls always tell her you can’t sit with us
They say you’re not in the same clique with us
The way they treat this girl is just ridiculous

In class they call her names to make her feel Inferior
They harass her when they see her in the cafeteria
They try to intimidate and humiliate her
She’s only a second grader
She wonders why they hate her

She’s terrified
The other day she cried
She broke down because she couldn’t hold her tears inside
The reason why
Bullies have tried to fight you
Is because they recognize that there is greatness inside you

To the child whose been bullied
I believe in you
You are powerful
You should believe it too

And don’t hesitate to ask a teacher for help
You’re amazing
So always believe in yourself

Always believe in yourself
I can do anything
Always believe in yourself
No matter how hard it seems

Inside a restaurant
A boy threw a tantrum
People looked annoyed because they didn’t understand him
Someone approached his mother and asked what was wrong with him?
She shook her head and said that he has autism

Even though he’s autistic
He’s smart and gifted
He’s extremely artistic
He just see’s the world different

When he has a meltdown
He can’t help but cry
People stare and sigh
They don’t understand why

He gets annoyed when he hears
A noise that’s loud
He enjoys playing with toys
But he avoids a crowd

He’s labeled disabled
Because he’s unable to speak
And sometimes he sits alone at the table to eat

Each child is unique
No child acts the same
So a child with autism should never be shamed

So please don’t ever tease a child with special needs
Because Love is the thing that they especially need

Always believe in yourself
I can do anything
Always believe in yourself
No matter how hard it seems

“Believe in Yourself” is an Autism Awareness, Anti-Bullying video. I originally wrote the song for my nephew, Ayden, who is autistic. I decided to include an anti-bullying segment because studies have shown that nearly half of children with autism are bullied.

This video features numerous children who are on the autism
spectrum. Please share this video! There are so many children who need to hear these words of encouragement!


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