A#keem – Island Perspective [Official Video 2019] by Reggaeville


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“In each and every situation we can find good as well as bad. When farmer John prays for rain and gets it☔, that means aunty Shirley can’t spread her clothes to dry👗. And if bredrin Carl didn’t get into that fender bender 🚗 then bredda Peggy the mechanic can’t make money to send his twin boys to school💰. Perspective allows us the opportunity to explore and appreciate those two sides of each coin, but it takes a special kind of Perspective that allows us to mainly focus on the good, while casting the bad far away from our days, it takes some Island Perspective 🌴 Despite all the hardships we face, the Island Perspective keeps us Caribbean people upful, and resilient!”- A#keem

Song: Island Perspective
Written by: A#keem
Performed by: A#keem
Produced by: A#keem
Mixed by: A#keem
Mastered by: Dj Desktop

Video shot by: iOne Productions & The Dharma Trails
Edited by: iOne Productions

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