Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 Code#1212: Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah to ALL Hebrews by BUTv247Online


Angelippo#2112_H_Gad Announcing…

Fellow Hebrews, Igbos and the Blessed 12 tribes of Yishra’el.
Greetings and Heavenly Peace Be Unto you all.

“Ndi agoziri agozi ka Unu bu. Udo’nu!

We have just received authorization to Publish the Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 from the Hebrew Messiah-Yahuwshua Ha Mashiyahkh (The anointed King For Planet Earth)–Delivered to the Hebrew Yishra’elites around the World (Black Hebrews=12 tribes of Yishra’el and Hebrew Converts): Delivered by Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah– The Last Messenger of the Messiah.

As a matter of appointed times, this Video would be publish by 24:00 AM European-time (23:00 PM Biafran Time) on this 21615.

Because of being the Redemption Speech the entire World has been waiting for, we shall ensure that the data is made downloadable for you and others.

The True Hebrew Messiah Yahuwshua Ha Mashiyahkh is Back. Matthew 6:9-10 has fulfilled.
All Praises go ONLY to our Heavenly Father and Creator (Name Still Withheld). Shaluwm!

Remain Inquisitive…and pay close attention during the Speech.


Pic: Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah:


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